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With the spread of coronavirus and its associated COVID-19 illness, we have been offering live face-to-face telemedicine visits with our board-certified Allergists. We are able to see New Patients as well as Established ones while keeping our patients and staff safe and secure from potential infection.

Telemedicine is a new approach being brought out to all fields of medicine to help address our current situation. As of now, it appears that most insurance companies are covering this and the majority appear to be waving any co-pays or cost-sharing. We have asked patients who were the first to use this service to comment on their experience and compiled their thoughts below.

UPDATE: We are now able to offer skin testing!  New and/or established patients requiring skin testing will be seen via Telemedicine first and then brought into our offices for scheduled testing. We can also offer supervised food challenges in this way. Allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots) are also now being offered with scheduled appointment. For these in-office appointments, patients will need to wear face masks as will all of our staff to limit the potential spread of coronavirus.

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I liked it. It’s convenient, more convenient than having to come into the office. It was much easier for me I don’t live close, the fact I didn’t have to drive was so nice. Also, there was no extra fee, copay is waived which is awesome and Dr. Oren is great!


Both went well. Seeing them, that really added an extra something that you just don’t get from speaking with them on the phone. [Mom saw Dr. Oren; son saw Dr. Balekian – both as new patients to the practice]


It seemed very personal in that sense,  voice and presence were excellent. It  did not feel mechanical or difficult, it was a free following discussion. It was very easy, it was the first time I have ever done something like that and it went pretty well.


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