Your Latest Pollen Counts from Asthma and Allergy Affiliates in Salem, Massachusetts serving the entire North Shore

From spring through fall, the Allergists at Asthma and Allergy Affiliates hand count pollen from our office in Salem, Massachusetts to report the most accurate and up to date pollen counts for the North Shore and all of Massachusetts. Below you will find information to help you with your seasonal allergies and guide you as to which pollens (trees, grasses, weeds) are currently prevalent and likely to be contributing to your itchy, runny, sneezy nose and/or asthma.

We place our pollen counter outside of our office on Highland Avenue every morning and collect 24 hours of pollen which is then transferred to a slide and evaluated under a microscope to identify each pollen and provide an accurate count of the current tree, grass or weed pollens that are contributing to our patients’ allergy and asthma symptoms. While news organizations will post their pollen counts, many of these are based off historical data rather than an actual count. We try our best to predict conditions for the following day based on weather patterns and our best medical opinion based on years of caring for patients dealing with severe allergies.

Our board-certified Allergists are experts and diagnosing and managing all allergic conditions. Whether you want to find out what seasonal or year-round allergens are causing your symptoms, want to find the right medication to help you through the season, or are interested in environmental control measures of allergy shots (allergen immunotherapy) to help treat this, we can provide you with these answers and more.  We also care for asthma, food allergies (including the common feeling of an itchy mouth when eating raw fruits that is often related to seasonal allergies), contact dermatitis and other common and more unusual allergic diagnoses.

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